Huge thanks to Philip Levy last week for an informative talk on the power of good website hosting!

You would not believe how important it can be to have a good hosting setup with support in place for your business.

Affordable & Fast WordPress Hosting

There are 3 important factors when deciding who your website will be hosted and maintained by:

  1. Speed of the hosting servers used,
  2. Security of the servers your website is hosted on,
  3. Trust and quality of the maintenance service the company you choose provides

Open Formula only use the best, fastest servers to host your website, using latest security software. We also take pride in keeping all our clients websites updated with all the latest software release within one month of availability.

If you want to know more or are concerned that your website is slow, hangs, is not getting great response, or just not performing well then chat to Philip Levy of

News - Philip Levy 10 mins Oct 2022