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Achieve your business and career goals, get clarity and direction, and realise your full potential!

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I’m a ‘get stuff done’ business coach / mentor / troubleshooter, professional CV writer and interview coach.  Whether you’re looking to improve your business, thinking about your next career move, or just want to achieve more in your professional life, I can help. 

I’m business-driven, practical and pragmatic. From start-ups to multi-million £ businesses, I’ve worked across public, private and university sectors, and have first-hand experience of a wide range of industries including manufacturing, IT, construction, healthcare, professional services, education, finance, health & safety and more.  I’ve grown my skills from the ground up by doing, then leading the job.  I’ve delivered real business improvement, financial leadership, project management, business management and strategy & planning.  I’ve hired, fired, built and led amazing teams, coached and mentored, saved time and money, set up new services, implemented difficult changes, and kept stressed business leaders relatively sane.  And I set up and now run my own business – so I totally get it, from the business owner AND employer / jobseeker point of view. 

 “Tracey has one of the broadest skill sets I have come across…she successfully combines the best of these skills” 

 “Tracey works with utter dedication and endless patience, two qualities that have made working with her a real joy” 

 “Tracey pushed me to help myself which I really needed” 


Guests and members regularly get the opportunity to find out more about Primaris Consulting during open networking, 1 to 1s or through one of their 10 minute presentations at the weekly meetings. 

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For businesses: 

If you’re running a small business you’ll know it can be a tough and lonely place.  Juggling everything, leading people, bringing the money in the list is endless.  Maybe you’ve forgotten why you set up your business in the first place, and want to rediscover your love for self-employment.  Maybe you’ve got lots of great ideas, or lots of problems, or a mixture of both, and don’t know what to tackle first.  Maybe your business is growing, and leading the new team or scaling the business is unknown territory.  I can help you cut through the faff and create an ambitious yet achievable plan, focussing your efforts on what will have the biggest impact.  Then I’ll hold you to account and support you to actually realise your goals and plans. 

For jobseekers: 

The thought of updating an old and dusty CV can fill you with dread.  I can supercharge it for you, bringing out your skills, achievements and experience in a way that sells you better.  I’ve seen thousands of CVs and interviewed hundreds of people, built and led my own successful teams, and written proposals that have achieved £millions in funding so I know how to sell on paper, and what appeals to potential employers.  My professional CV writing aims to boost your chances of getting an interview. 

If you’re in the job market but worried that you won’t get a job because you go to pieces at interview or are just out of practice, I can give you a mock interview tailored to the jobs you’re applying for.  Maybe you’ve not had an interview for years, or class yourself as a bit of an introvert and feel uncomfortable ‘bigging yourself up’With me, you can practice answering relevant questions, get feedback, and gain confidenceso you’re prepared and ready for the real thing. 


Tracey Warren
Tracey WarrenBusiness Troubleshooter and Coach
My 30 years of successfully delivering practical business improvement, financial leadership and project management, alongside my supportively challenging coaching approach, mean your business is safe in my hands.

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